- All the hardware to build your own PHCC system.

Welcome to PHCCparts!

Here You can order all of the parts that you need for your PHCC project with competitive prices and speedy delivery.

We are not the only on-line store for electronic parts but we try to collect all the specific parts needed in one place.
For those whitout a PIC programmer we can deliver all the PIC's preprogrammed and tested with the firmware and device-address of your choice.
(We are not responsible for the working of this software and do not accept claims if the software does not work as expected.)
Also special displays, led's and switches will be added to the list in the near future.

We deliver worldwide via the Dutch TNT post.
If possible we ship everything in one shipment.
If backorders have to be made shipping of the backorder is free.

Al prices are shown with Sales Tax included (21% VAT) and tax excluded (0% VAT).
For shipping outside the European Union the shopping cart is corrected to 0% after login. (Export)

Please feel free to look around and use any information you will find on this site and we hope that if you need parts that you will remember us.

Some warnings in advance:

Take good notice of the extended parts description as there are many parts with selectable options.
Not selecting valid options will delay the delivery.

If you click on a part in the article listing you will get a bigger picture and an extended description.
The stock status will be shown.

Bear in mind that in some categories the article listing will extend over multiple pages.
Please use the navigation on top and at the bottom of the listing.

If you can't find the part you are looking for, or the parts that you want is not in the listing this does not automatically mean that it is not available.
Please send us an Email with a description of the part and we will check the availability of the part and when it can be delivered.

We try to ship your order as fast as possible.

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